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First International Online Congress “AYURVEDA TODAY”, February 3-4. On all Monitors of the World!

First International Online Congress “AYURVEDA TODAY”, February 3-4. On all Monitors of the World!

31.01.2018 | ADVERTORIAL | Only 3 days left before the first International online congress on Ayurveda – “AYURVEDA TODAY”. This is a unique event in all aspects. Dr. Robert Svoboda, mentor of in our beginning in 2003, is part of this exceptional event.


Well known Ayurveda experts are joining the Ayurveda Online Congress

For the first time in Russia, leading experts on Ayurveda of 10 different countries are going to join up for one single purpose - to talk Ayurveda and modern tendencies of it in the world. They are practicing specialists, presidents of Ayurvedic associations, scientists, heads of journals on Ayurveda and academic institutions.

Among them are Dr. Robert Svoboda and Vaidya Atreya Smith  - the author of “Ayurvedic Healing for Women “, Dr. Nitin Agraval  - president of  Bliss Ayurveda Company, Matharda Varma Valiathan  - chairman  of the Royal College of Ayurveda, professor, PhD (MS) Subotyalov M. A., the author of the works  “Jiva”, “Ayurveda of Siberia”.

Many different topics are part of the program

The congress program includes reviews of all the basic tendencies of the “Science of Life”: Ayuvedic biology, psychology, physiology, epigenetics, results of researches, and European aceptance of the ancient science.

Special topic of the conference – Ayurveda outside India, the experience of the leading Ayuvedic associations.

You will have the chance to attend 2 full days of lectures of more than 30 speakers, as well as the opportunity to ask questions to experts and later watch the recordings.

Who should attend the online congress

The conference is especially beneficial for specialists and a wide range of people, who live, learn and practice Ayurveda.

Dates: February 3-4, 2018

Format: online (webinar platform)

The web-platform of the congress is limited – only 500 places are available.  Don't miss the chance to register! 


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